Happy January!

Dear Friend,

It was so great having you over a couple weeks ago and talking about food in real life times! I’m glad you liked that chili- it’s one of our fave veggie chilies too! Like you mentioned, the last few months have not been stellar eating months in our house either. Since we last spoke on the ‘ol blog, our kitchen was ripped apart and replaced with new appliances, spacious cabinets and lovely countertops. Everything I always wanted 😊 It was a big process and tested our patience and creativity in the food department. We ordered delivery way more than we probably should have but also learned how to prepare meals in the basement. It was interesting and humorous but I’m glad it’s over. I’ve been loving having a kitchen where the burners are straight, reaching into the fridge doesn’t require a squat and there’s plenty of countertop space for things like homemade pasta and sugar cookies. 

I love that you shared a pulled bbq carrot recipe because I have been dying to make them but every time I try P shuts down the operation. He’s pretty adventurous but that’s too much for him. So impressed your hubby gave it a chance!

My recipe I’m sharing is also thanks to your sister, Alicia. She came over last week for some Bachelor (after 20+ seasons I’m finally watching it) and healthy eats. She brought all the good stuff for this winter nourishment bowl and I supplied the grains. We mostly followed the recipe but did adjust a few things slightly- 1) We didn’t exactly measure out the ingredients because I felt that the proportions were way too small, especially since we had both worked just before  2) We used walnuts instead of Brazil nuts   3) We forgot the avocado (boooo)  4) We added hemp seeds for extra protein and texture  5) We used farro instead of rice and  6) We topped it with my new obsession, lemon miso dressing (I could probably drink it). 

The Verdict: So this isn’t something that made me make some dramatic gesture because it was so delicious that it blew my mind but I felt really good while eating it. And I did eat my whole bowl (minus some walnuts- I got a little crazy pouring them in) which is a good sign. I did surprisingly feel full without being stuffed.  It just felt so nourishing (hence the title of it) and I felt really happy with all the great nutrients I was putting into my body. And that I could have a cookie or two and not feel guilty because, balance. ☺️

I also looked back at my 2016 kitchen goals and I think I was 75% successful. The goals I met were making homemade pasta, having a small garden, dirtying fewer than 8 dishes/pots/pans and not slicing through my fingertips as often. What I will carryover to 2017 is less colorful language (woops) and relying less on recipes. Those still need some work. I’d also like to add cooking more Indian food, wasting less food, making more healthy snacks and slowing down and enjoying cooking in my new kitchen. 

Til next time!



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