Welcome 2017!

Dear Food Friend,

It’s been exactly 5 months since I’ve talked with you here and I have to tell you how much I miss our food talks! It was great seeing you in real life! The chili you made for dinner was so good—probably one of my most favorite vegetarian chili’s I’ve had since I cut out meat. I hope the rest of your travels and holiday went well! What did you get from Santa?! Our holidays were good! Lots of traveling–the last half of the year seemed to be very busy for us so it was really nice to relax and be with family.

With all the travel, the last half of the year did not bode well in the food department. More ordering out than I care to admit to and a lot of piece-meal meals that were not blog worthy. I did find one recipe that I want to share with you (OK, my sister did). Alicia and I have a shared Pinterest board for craft ideas we want to make when we get together. Great idea at the start, but it has turned into a food only board. Great idea made better. Alicia came down to visit in November and on Saturday we had a girl’s night with a few of our friends. Before everyone came over we decided that we needed to eat something healthy and filling since we were about to own a few bottles of wine—that meal happened to be Pulled BBQ Carrots.pulled-bbq-carrots

The Verdict: I happen to have eaten this sandwich about once a week since Alicia’s visit in November, so I’d say it’s pretty good. We cheated and used store bought BBQ sauce but that worked out A-OK. The sweetness from the carrot and the spiciness from the sauce complement each other and the slaw, well the slaw is a classic pulled pork accessory that boosted this veggie alternative to the next level. My bun of choice was a potato bun and it did not disappoint. It added a chewiness to the sandwich that otherwise might not be there. I highly recommend this to you—it’s easy to make in bulk and heats up easily.

Last year we made New Year’s food resolutions and after our get together the other day, it’s the perfect spot to pick up again where we left off. I went back to look at my first post of 2016—I wanted to: clean up after myself in a timelier fashion, create really good staple dishes (curry dish, pizza dough, lasagna) and use the crockpot more. In looking back, I can’t say the results are good. I’ve been thinking about why I didn’t have a successful 2016 in the kitchen and I think I’ve boiled it down to my 2017 kitchen resolution: make time for food. Make time to research new recipes, make time to research food combinations for optimal nutrition, make time to prep food to avoid grabbing “quick meals”, make time mentally to make dinner when I’m tired after a long day, make time to eat slowly so I don’t over eat and make time to blog about the good stuff I do make. (I should probably add make time to workout as a goal, but I’ll get to that eventually…maybe…) How about yourself? What are your kitchen goals for 2017?

Talk with you soon! Take care & Happy Eating!



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