Ovens that go beep in the night

Dear Friend,

It’s been so long since I’ve posted, but I’m happy to say not as long since I’ve seen you. I’m so glad that it worked out to get brunch a few weeks ago. It was great to see you & P and catch up! And learn that maple syrup is great in coffee…like we didn’t already know, waiter!

As I’m rounding the corner to my next decade of life, I’ve been introspectively making notes-who do I want to be and am I doing things towards those goals? The short answer: kinda! but not really. I like to think of myself as a roll-with-the-punches kinda gal and after people-watching at a concert a few weeks ago, I’m more uptight than I realized and way more uptight than I want to be. I’ve also come to realize in the past few weeks that I hate the heat, and I let it stop me from doing the things that I want to do. Unfortunately, my oven also hates the heat and will malfunction with a persistent and annoying beep if it becomes over heated–even if we’re not using it. There has been many-a-night that we’ve been woken up to the oven alarming. Which as you can imagine, is terrifying; like the sound of a smoke detector, it makes my mind jump to the worst case scenario. So…we did what any reasonable person would do. We unplugged it and have left it unplugged the last few weeks while we wait for the high heat to pass.

Although we haven’t really been home a lot in the past month, I have made some recipes worth sharing that are perfect for end of summer BBQ’s and even good as stand alone dishes–just add protein!

The first dish I made I wasn’t sure would be accepted by the crowd, and I unfortunately don’t have a picture so I’ll paint you one: fluffy bundle of shredded green brussell sprouts, dotted with cranberries and sprinkled with pecans and all coated in a freshly squeezed orange vinaigrette. This side salad was a big hit and was great even the next day after it had sat for a while. I ended up using a quinoa / bulger mix which had a bit more volume so I doubled the vinaigrette recipe. I also used a food processor to cut up the brussell sprouts–I feared that leaving the leaves too big would leave the entire salad rubbery to the bite.

The second dish is so simple and perfect and is awesome fresh from the garden–Zucchini & Roasted Corn in a chili lime vinaigrette. IMG_1969

The Verdict: So simple and so delicious–I really love citrus and this dish did not disappoint. Nick had this with a piece of grilled chicken and I sliced up some super delicious tofu sausage (^_^). Definitely grilling the corn first is a must–grilled corn has a way of ramping up even the best recipes. I also had this the next morning with an egg on top and that was equally good and energizing.

Our tomatoes have taken a turn–they’re bearing a lot of fruit and are super tall but they’re also starting to go bad 😦 The good news is that it’s not looking like animals are getting to them, so we’ll wait and see. Basil has been a main-stay in the house for some time. My favorite thing is to serve it up with some mozzarella, tomato and balsamic vinaigrette and voila! dinner. How’s your garden doing!?

Vacation starts in 48 hours and I’m so excited–it’ll be nice to be away for a while to recharge. When I get back I want to really focus on goals. I’m already making my grocery list so that I can start off on a healthy foot. What do you do to get and stay motivated?

I’m off to start getting ready for vacation–I’ll see you in a few days!!

Love, Kait.


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