Catch up.

Dear Friend,

Your garden is looking so beautiful and delicious! How has it been growing since we last spoke? I’m interested to learn about what you do with those beets!! Having a garden is a lot of work but so rewarding. My family has had gardens for as long as I can remember, and it’s only been in the recent years of being so far away from home and the garden that I have any appreciation for it. Dad usually does all the work to what we refer to now as our family CSA; every year my mom makes jars on top of jars of tomato sauce and raspberry jelly. I love going grocery shopping when I do go home because I always leave with the good stuff. 🙂

We haven’t been doing much in the recent weeks. Working a lot and enjoying down time when we can. We’ve also been trying to explore a little more—when we first moved to Arlington, Nick had to start work ASAP so we didn’t do much and neither of us wanted to drive anywhere when he wasn’t at work, so we pretty much stayed put. But this summer is different, we’re more familiar with the area and we’re excited to see what’s around us! We did host 3 parties in the past 2 months for the different races of the Triple Crown. We don’t know much about horse racing, but it was fun to get dressed up and yell at the TV for 2 minutes. We had delicious drinks and yummy appetizers—one of which I wanted to tell you about.

I tried to look back, and I think we’ve talked about Cowboy Caviar before, but just in case—Cowboy Caviar is a family favorite in this house. It’s like a guac-salsa combo that is very fresh and colorful and perfect for any time of year! The basic recipe I use can be found here, however, I don’t use Italian dressing or cilantro.

cowboy caviar

Usually we just eat the dip with tortilla chips, but I have put it on salads before and it’s delicious—especially if it’s a taco salad. I like this recipe because it can be as simple as opening cans and rinsing off the veggies, or it can be as fresh as dicing the tomatoes from the garden, and my new favorite: grilling ears of corn. The last time we made Cowboy Caviar, Nick said “I bet this would be really good on fish tacos”. And that’s exactly what we tried tonight.

We grilled up some Haddock that had this Stonewall Kitchen Maine Seafood Rub. We’ve been using this a lot this summer and its delicious—a little spicy, but super full of flavor! Otherwise, a little salt, pepper and cayenne work great.

fish tacos

The verdict: I could eat this combo every night. The fish was perfectly seasoned and had a bit of a blackened crunch from being on the grill. Added together with the creaminess from the avocado and the punch of citrus from the lime it hit all the requirements of a great dinner. Nick had another great idea to use lettuce as a shell rather than the typical taco shell; it definitely kept the meal super light. The only downside was that we overstuffed some of the leaves and they kept breaking. And we ran out of fish—we’ll call that portion control.

What adventures will you guys be taking this summer? Any time up at the skondo?

Miss you! Hopefully we can see you guys soon!!!

Happy Summer Eating!

Love, Kait


One thought on “Catch up.

  1. How do you grill the fish? I’m assuming in put it on foil for something on the grill. I’ve always want to try it.


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