Another lentil post?!

Dear friend,

I totally hear you on getting back on track with healthy food. Sometimes life gets busy and takeout is so much easier. And by takeout I mean delivery because I’m too lazy to drive somewhere to pick food up. Obvs. I don’t know what I’ve even been busy with but I feel like it’s so late by the time I’m ready to make dinner and then even later for after cleaning up. I’m definitely looking forward to more effortless summertime cooking. Your wrap looked really easy and tasty so we’ll definitely try that but maybe with barley instead of quinoa because strangely quinoa hurts my belly. 


This taco recipe is one I first made 2  weeks ago and have already made since then because it is so delicious and easy. As you know, there is one person in our household who is obsessed with lentils and one who isn’t as much. Or really at all. So much so that when this person caught me prepping the lentils for this meal he creeped up behind me and solemnly asked, “why don’t you love me anymore?” Sigh. So dramatic. I, of course, ignored that comment and proceeded on with the tacos because I just knew I could win him over. 

The Verdict: I could say I thought they were delicious but I think the best way to sum these up is this- P WENT FOR SECONDS! Seconds! Of lentils! And cauliflower! And I hated to say that I told him so, but I did anyway because it felt so good. These tacos had the right amount of spice and were really filling. A couple things I slightly changed-  I added a dash of chipotle chili powder to the lentils and substituted low fat sour cream for the mayo. Mayo sounded a little weird to me and we had some leftover sour cream anyway. Plus I feel that when you’re eating such healthful foods you can splurge on the toppings a bit. I considered subbing in a tiny bit of maple Greek yogurt in order to make a maple chipotle cream sauce but decided I wanted that yogurt for breakfast instead.  Also we added some avocado slices which, along with cilantro, balanced the heat perfectly. Oh and of course P added some shredded Monterey Jack cheese. For leftovers I just ate the lentils and cauliflower in a bowl and added the sauce after heating it up because I know how sloppy I am with tacos and I’ve learned from experience I cannot eat tacos at work without spending the rest of my day trying to hide the new stains on my clothes. 

On a side note, the garden is coming along nicely! It’s so crazy to me how we could plant these little seeds and they’re growing up to be big and strong! I call the plants “the kids” right now because it feels like we’re nurturing and raising these little organisms but I know that will get weird once I’m ready to eat them. 


Hope to see you guys this summer!! Miss you!

Love, Marissa 


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