¿Donde esta el queso?

Dear Friend,

I am so proud of you and your kitchen accomplishments! The pasta and gnocchi look so delicious! I think the research is the key–like you said, there’s a lot of science behind these recipes and the slightest change can make food that’s not so great. Have you tried mixing in different flavors?

I’m excited to hear about the other goals you’re accomplishing–how is it going using less colorful language? I’ve been trying to do my dishes sooner after I cook and that’s still a work in progress. One of my goals was to actually use the cooking tools I have. So far I’m still only using the tools that I usually do and found more that I didn’t even know I had; with that I’m way far behind.

It shouldn’t, but it always amazes me how much work it takes me to get on track with healthy eating and how stinkin’ quickly I can get off track. Taking the time to go grocery shopping and prep food for the week really makes all the difference. After what feels like a 2 week hiatus from grocery shopping, the mister and I finally made the trek to Hannaford and stocked up on these things they call “vegetables”. I hear they’re good for you…tonight we tried them in this quinoa, black bean and avocado wrap.


The Verdict: This was good! I think next time it should be hot or cold…not weirdly both like I did this time. Let’s pause to talk about the sauce though–it had everything, creaminess, complexity, citrus…and because I didn’t want to buy tahini, so it had peanut butter. This swap actually worked out really well. The sauce was so easy to whip together and would actually work perfect as a dip, for artichoke leaves or crackers.

My body definitely appreciates not having crap for every meal, unfortunately it always takes a while for the taste buds to get the message that we don’t need gobs of cheese at every meal (wah!).

We’ve signed up to take a first time home buyers course in a few weeks. I’m excited! We’ve been talking about a house for a while now but this is not an adventure I want to go on based on google research. Otherwise, this summer we’ll be doing some exploring of the area and a vacation up to camp for a week in August. What are your summer plans? I can’t wait to see how your gardens turn out!!

Until next time, Happy Eating!
Love, Kait


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