Another Goal Met!

Dear Friend,

That breakfast you made sounds so good and easy! I’ve been wanting to eat more eggs for breakfast (or any) but I always feel like I don’t have enough time. I should really just get up earlier but that never works out, even though I’ve been going into work at 7 for over 4 years and should be a morning person by now. But perhaps having  a tasty breakfast at the table would be a good reward? I’ll keep telling myself that.

So I have heard of the alkaline diet but I was very judgey of it because Tom Brady does it and you know this is a Broncos household. However, if following that diet would result in me looking even a tiny bit like Gisele then maybe it’s worth it 🙂
Earlier this year I set a couple cooking goals for myself.  They included: making homemade pasta, having a small garden, relying less on recipes, dirtying fewer than 8 dishes/pots/pans when I cook, not slicing through my fingertips as often and using less colorful language when I knock things over on the countertop.  Well I’m happy to say I’ve now met two of those! As you know I began relying less on recipes a couple months ago and recently I stopped using such colorful language.  Just kidding. I made homemade pasta!

So this adventure actually started on Valentine’s Day when we decided it would be fun to make pasta from scratch. After a lot of research, we settled on a recipe from The New Best Recipes cookbook from America’s Test Kitchen. I love that cookbook. It’s ginormous and full of amazing recipes and tidbits. These guys create like 50 variations of a recipe to determine exact ingredients and explain the science behind it. It’s a food nerd’s dream.  Anyhoo, back to the food…  

Since it’s a cookbook recipe I don’t have the link but you may be able to find it on their website. I believe their recipe uses a pasta machine which we don’t own. So we divided our dough into 4 chunks, rolled each chunk out flat, rolled into a tortilla, cut the dough and then unraveled each piece. As you can see our noodles are not perfect and I think it’s hard to get them exactly the same without a machine but whatevs. 



The Verdict: Sooooooo much better than dried pasta! It had a nice bite to it, the perfect level of chewiness. I ate every last bite of my already oversized bowl and was in a pasta coma that I didn’t want to come out of it.  Now this is a meal that is most suited for a kitchen that has a touch more countertop space than ours but we made it work and all the shuffling of bowls/noodles was totally worth it. While we’ve used dried pasta since making it fresh, we have made it one other time and it didn’t lose its magic the second time either. 

Now I’ve also read a few blogs/articles on how easy it is to make homemade gnocchi. Per request of P, we were going to have gnocchi with a mushroom sauce and I had a package of gnocchi ready to go. But then I was feeling ambitious and was still tasting the fresh spaghetti (probably because it was just a few days prior that we had eaten it- love me some pasta) so I decided to try it from scratch. Like I said, I’ve read a couple recipes and they’re all very similar. I’ve actually made gnocchi twice now (can’t stop won’t stop) using two different recipes but I’m going to focus on this recipe for gnocchi with white wine sauce as we liked it just a bit more than the other. 


The Verdict: Equally amazing! These were like little ricotta pillows that I wanted to eat and also nap on. This sauce was also surprisingly good. As you know I’m not a huge mushroom fan but when you smother them with cheese and put them over those pillows, they’re not so bad. This is a pretty rich dish so a salad may be a good accompaniment.  

Disclaimer: While these recipes are very easy, they do take a little extra time than opening a box. We usually make pasta on the weekend as I think it’s best when you can take your time, sip on some wine and listen to Pandora’s “hipster cocktail hour.” 

Two goals down, six to go! Hopefully when I write next I will have started on a third goal- stay tuned!

Hope you’re enjoying the lovely spring weather!

Love, Marissa


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