Good Food. Good Life.

Dear Friend,

Happy Spring! Although with that white crap that’s falling from the sky now, it finally feels like winter. I’m not sure about your neck of the woods, but it’s been up to 60* and so, so nice. And now this. Luckily the snow won’t stay long, though I’m sure this weather has been pretty perfect for your maple syrup conglomeration 🙂

I’m sorry those bastards took away your comfort in your own home. It seems like that’s the worst thing that could have been taken. Did they ever end up catching the guys? Hopefully after your kitchen reno you can find a new comfort and a new inspiration in your very own designed kitchen. I can’t wait to see what you’re planning! How exciting to be able to set your kitchen up exactly how you want!

We’re still in the beginning phases of looking for houses…we’re still doing the footwork to save up and we’re hoping to take a first time homeowners class soon. Nick’s doing a lot of the work–looking up houses, lenders and realtors…I’m doing the other important stuff and looking for new kitchenware, furniture and thinking of what colors I want to paint the walls.

Have you ever heard of the Alkaline Diet? I’ve been trying my best lately to follow the principles and when I do, I feel amazing. I’m full for longer and therefor eating less and when I do eat the junk food or drink, I can bounce back much quicker. The basic idea is to eat more foods that become alkaline in your body, and in turn neutralize your entire system. Foods like kale, cucumber, lemons, sweet potato and raisins are alkalizing and will neutralize the pH of your body; alcohol, meat, dairy products and corn are acidic. When the body is more acidic, the more problems will occur from headaches, breakouts and reflux to more serious problems like cancer. I like this plan because you don’t have to cut anything out, but be aware of what’s going in and the effect it has. Of course this is all easier said than done.

I wanted to share with you my new favorite breakfast-it’s relatively quick, super tasty and is packed with yummy, neutralizing veggies. I don’t have a recipe I follow, however I’ve seen similar recipes on the interwebs so I’m sure if you wanted to follow one, you could easily find something.  I’ll call this recipe simply, Egg & Veg

Ingredients: 1-2 eggs, cooked to your liking, 1 c roasted mixed veggies, 1-2 tsp mustard, bread of your choice. Directions: roast or sauté a variety of veggies, think color and texture. Sometimes I do this ahead of time, other times I just chop up the ends of what I have left and cook it in the morning. coat the veggies with the mustard, set aside. Toast up the bread of your choice and at the same time, cook the egg to your liking. I’ve been doing some sunny side up lately, delicious!

I don’t know why this won’t rotate. Turn your head to the right.                                                         Also I don’t know why it’s so big. I can’t shrink it. Ahhhhhh.

The Verdict: I love this dish, so much, and I’m getting really good at cooking eggs sunny side up. The mustard is really the star flavor-we’ve been using this smoky chipotle mustard on pretty much everything. The mustard, combined with the runny yolk and a slice of sprouted grain bread, is the perfect way to start your day. I tried making this dish with plain Dijon mustard and it wasn’t as good. I do want to explore other flavors on the veggies, but for now I’m loving this as is. Egg & Veg is another one of those light-yet-filling dishes; the only downside is that this is not a “grab and go” breakfast.

I’m very glad the days are getting longer. Last night was pretty productive–I prepped all my veggies for the rest of the week, washed all the dishes and did my laundry AND! it’s past my bed time and I’m still awake. It’s like I don’t know who I am anymore.

I hope the start to spring is treating you well and the reno plans are coming together. I’d like to come visit soon so we’ll be in touch very soon about a plan 🙂

Miss you! And in the mean time,
Happy Eating!
Love, Kait


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