Spoofer Sloppy Joes

Dear Friend,

That soup sounds delicious!! I never would have thought to throw a pear into sweet potato soup and it sounds like a nice change of pace from my usual red curry vegetable soups.  Soup is such an easy and nutritious meal.  I’ve been doing a couple soups without a recipe- one successful one and one not so successful.  But I’m going to try that one again because I believe in it and I think I know how to make it better.  Stay tuned!

Speaking of easy and nutritious, let’s talk about lentils.  Lentils are one of my fave winter pantry staples because they’re so versatile and are full of protein, B vitamins and iron (amongst many many other vitamins and minerals).  Now as I may have mentioned in previous posts, P does not share my love of lentils which is somewhat problematic for our marriage.  We’ve learned to agree to disagree and compromise on the lentil front.  And by compromise I mean I make them on weeks that he’s night flying so he can’t protest 🙂  I’m certain that one of these days I’ll convert him and in the meantime I’ll keep looking for new recipes to bring him over to Team Lentils.  So since last week was night week I made this recipe for crockpot sloppy joe lentils over spaghetti squash.  I forgot to take a picture (again) because I was in a big rush and also starving because of my poor planning (see below).

The Verdict: Since I’ve made a similar version of this recipe in the past, I anticipated I would love this.  And I mostly did.  The flavor wasn’t quite right but when I added a bit of maple syrup, it was much much better.  Always add maple syrup.  To everything.  It will never disappoint you.  Now I was being kind of silly and thought my lentils wouldn’t take 4 hours in the crockpot as historically I find my crockpot cooks things fast.  So when I got home from my Tuesday night class and realized my lentils were far from being done after 2 hours in the crockpot, I had a mild panic attack and then threw them on the stovetop for about 30 minutes to finish them up quicker.  My bad.  That doesn’t really fit in with my 2016 kitchen goals of using less dishes but meh.  I’ve been doing pretty good on the other ones.

I loved the idea of serving this over spaghetti squash however I found that one spaghetti squash was not enough for the lentils.  This is actually not a terrible thing as it means that this recipe produces a lot of food but just be prepared to have either another squash (though I doubt you could cook both in the crockpot) or something like a pita pocket on hand because you’ll be eating lentils for days.  P found this dish more tolerable when he put it in a pita pocket with some banana peppers.  I’m excited to be eating it that way tonight for dinner as I froze some leftovers to eat while P was out of town.  Night weeks+out of state training=lentil time for me.  Win!

Side note- the day I made this I mysteriously had a pepper corer arrive at my door which was kind of creepy since this recipe calls for a red pepper.  Thanks future SIL!  I highly recommend one!

Another side note- I have not actually ever juiced! I have mixed feelings about juicing (love my fiber) but it does sound very refreshing!  And I agree- having a glass of veggies/fruit first thing in the morning is the perfect way to start the day!  Even P loves them!  I wish I had a new exciting smoothie recipe to share with you but we’ve really done the same formula for years.  I think I just don’t have the energy to explore new smoothie recipes but maybe some day when I’m a pro at coming up with recipes (hah) I’ll tackle that!

Hope you had a good weekend! Until next time!

Love, Marissa



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