Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

Dear Friend,

I am SO proud of you and your renegade kitchen techniques! The burger you made looked so good! And maple syrup?! Why haven’t I heard of this before!? It is fun to go off recipe, the problem is no two dishes will ever taste the same-for better or worse.

I absolutely get the restarting again…I feel like I’ve been doing it every Monday (and Tuesday and Wednesday). Dessert is a tough one. Sometimes I feel that the more savory my meal is, the sweeter I want my dessert. I have been having yogurt as a dessert, the fun flavored ones so that I feel like I’m getting something, but also getting calcium/protein. Ben and Jerry’s sounds so much better. Around these parts it’s $7.50 for a pint—I save that treat for when I’m home in the Green Mountains.

I’ve been trying to limit my gluten type carb intake—so the delicious stuff, bread, bagels, pasta. While they aren’t bad once in a while, the rate at which I have been consuming them is higher than it should be. Mostly, I find that when I eat these foods, regardless of how much or little I eat, I’m hungry again in 2 hours and the vicious cycle of overeating begins.

Cutting these foods out is easier said than done, especially on the weekends because they are also the easiest to make in a pinch, and usually what comes when you order in. Which speaking of, is another habit I need to break (Damn you, GrubHub, Foodler and other food ordering sites—you make it so easy to NOT talk to people and get delicious food right at my door!) Making our grocery list this week, having quick meals and having meals with low gluten-carbs was my main goal.

I finally went grocery shopping tonight and do I have a meal for you! This meal is quick and only has croutons that accent the dish, rather than being a main component. Sweet potato-Pear Soup: It’s quirky, it’s easy, and is made with my favorite—curry!


The Verdict: Delicious! And a perfect meal for a cold winter’s day. It has a stick-to-your-ribs quality without being weighed down with creams or fats. Sweet Potato and Pear actually make a great combo and the spices balance out the sweetness. The croutons are a perfect addition but in the effort to minimize gluten-carbs, I added walnuts for some crunch (and protein). I may have been a little heavy handed and mine came out with a little more heat than the recipe intended so I added a dollop of Greek yogurt which mellowed out the spice and made it creamier. This is a perfect recipe for your meatless meals and so easy to make!

I also flew solo on a juicing excursion this week. I made kale-carrot-beet-orange-apple juice. It was beautiful and it was delicious! I’ve been enjoying a cup every morning and I definitely have noticed my energy levels are perked up in the morning. More so than coffee. I love our green smoothies, but this juice is something else! Have you had any juices you like? or any new smoothie concoctions?

Till next time, Happy Cooking!

Love, Kait



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