Dear Friend,

Happy New Year!!! I hope you guys had a great Christmas and New Years! As usual, your Christmas card did not disappoint and P and I each look forward to trying yours and the hubby’s drink recommendations.  To answer your question about eggnog, it is pretty easy to make but just requires a bit of time.  We used a recipe where you separate the eggs but I’ve seen some where you don’t.  Speaking of separating eggs, my future sis-in-law introduced me to this amazing egg yolk sucker outer thingy.  It was so fun and I felt like I dissecting something in a petri dish.  She also has a fancy chef’s torch which really made me feel like a crazy kitchen scientist.  So much fun cooking over the holidays!

Speaking of holiday cooking, we enjoyed so much tasty food/drinks! It was a glorious two weeks full of cinnamon rolls (my first homemade batch ever!), cheesy buttermilk bread (made by my future S-I-L, the queen of cool kitchen gadgets), beer that tasted like Samoas (the delicious girl scout cookie), nachos, deviled eggs, Moscow Mules and more truffles than you can shake a stick at.  I’m not really sure what that means but P is insisting I include that.

As I’m sure everyone else is experiencing right now, we are trying to reset our bodies with some more nutritious food.  I had kind of put the spiralizer on the back burner for the winter but future S-I-L (lots of shout outs this post) mentioned a spiralized beet dish which inspired me to break it out again.  I love love love sweet potatoes and they’re super easy to spiralize so that was my veggie of choice.  I followed this recipe for coconut curry sweet potato noodles (aka swoodles) with just a few changes.

IMG_3498 copy

The Verdict: LOVED. I forgot how much I love curry and it was so nice to have a bowl full of veggies.  Even P loved it despite the fact that there was no meat in it!  It’s great comfort food but without all the bad stuff.  Well minus the two cans of coconut milk.  Meh.  I doubled this recipe so that we could have leftovers.  I planned on using 6 sweet potatoes, then 5 and then I forgot one on the drying rack and discovered it after I put them in the oven so it ended up just being 4 which was actually fine.  Because I used so many sweet potatoes and I love roasted sweet potatoes, I tossed the noodles with some olive oil and salt and threw them in a roasting pan at 400 for probably a little less than 15 minutes.  I’m not really sure since I didn’t set a timer and just tried to check it every few minutes.  That’s really living life on the edge for me because I have a bad habit of forgetting things in the oven.  Tonight I actually forgot to turn the oven off for about 5 minutes.  I would definitely fail an OT meal prep assessment.  Anyway back to the food! So I used two red peppers and one head of broccoli but you could use any veggies.  I love red pepper in my curry so that’s always a standby but you could use anything.  I usually like to add sugar snap peas but P couldn’t find them at the store and bought edamame instead.  I mean, they’re both green right??  🙂   The broccoli and two red peppers were plenty though and I think sugar snap peas would have been too much.  I also wanted to include some chickpeas but all we had were red kidney beans.  Bleh.  Minus all the prep cutting and spiralizing the veggies, this came together pretty easily and was a welcome change to all the heavy food we’ve been eating lately.

I’ve decided to set some kitchen goals for 2016, such as making homemade pasta, having a small garden, relying less on recipes, dirtying fewer than 8 dishes/pots/pans when I cook, not slicing through my fingertips as often and using less colorful language when I knock things over on the countertop. Any thoughts on what yours would be??

Hope 2016 has been treating you guys well and can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to inside and outside the kitchen!

Till next time! Happy cooking!




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