Dear Friend,

I’m glad to hear that things are going well! I’ve always wanted to try eggnog—how did it come out? Was it easy? Are you all ready for Christmas? I ordered everything through Amazon last week so I’m waiting for shipments to come in. I think I just need to go to the liquor store and I’m done! Your Sweet Potato Polenta bake looks so good! I’ve never really done anything with polenta but that dish might be a good break in to the ingredient!

I wish I had something to show for the time I’ve been away, but I don’t. After you and P visited, life hit a weird time warp. The short week of thanksgiving with a lot of time off to do nothing (and I mean nothing), and then I’ve been working longer days (7-5) to gain hours for what I’ll miss for Christmas and New Years day- the down side to being a “temp” employee is that when the office is closed, I don’t get paid. However! That will be changing. They offered me full time employment starting in January and I am VERY! excited!

We’ve been eating scrounging for food at the apartment; I’ve had popcorn and wine for dinner more times in the last month than I should have and I’m not sure what Nick ate. Nick did up a big thanksgiving meal which was delicious and nice to have that hearty, good-for-your-soul food around. I found vegetarian apple sausages that were so good and went nicely with everything else he had made.

One of my work friends is pregnant and I’ve been helping her indulge in her cravings. There’s an Indian Restraints in town, which delivers! And they make some of the best food I’ve ever had. My friend, also a vegetarian, has been having cravings for palak paneer. I finally caved one day and ordered with her and I don’t think my life will ever be the same . The spinach and the cheese go so nicely together and the spices have clearly been cooking for a while—the flavor fills your mouth and you can’t shovel the food in fast enough…at least I can’t. She’s out of town, so I didn’t get my weekly fix of curry and naan, so I tried my own dish.

Wednesday night we had Sweet Potato Curry with Kale. I decided to try it in the crock pot so it could cook low and slow and develop some of those flavors that I’ve been loving. Unfortunately, as you’ll see, being in the crock pot so long together, the ingredients kinda start to look the same and the dish isn’t as pretty as it was when I started.


The Verdict: Great! But not the intense flavors I was looking for. This dish was better the next day after there was more time to let all the flavors get to know each other. The recipe was easy to make and had that good-for-your-soul vibe that I needed, and that popcorn can’t always offer. I added lentils instead of chickpeas because I misread the ingredients list, but it worked nicely! They absorbed a lot of the liquid which made the dish more of a stew consistency. I used the lite coconut milk, but I think next time I’d use full fat–The dish was much better after I added salt (but what isn’t, really!?) and overall I think that’s what it was missing to up the flavor profile.

I’ll continue in my quest to find and make really good indian dishes. We went out to a restaurant in town last night and I had the shrimp risotto. It was so good, but I’m glad I got the small portion or else I would have eaten the whole big dish. We’re off to finish up Christmas shopping today, and to a Christmas party tonight.  It’s hard to believe it’s less than a week away! Have you and P been able to make it up to the skondo to ski this year? It’s kind of hard to image the mountains having snow when we have nothing here and the temperature hasn’t really dropped below 35.

Until next time, Happy Cooking & MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Love, Kait


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