Dear Friend,

I hope my last letter didn’t get lost and that everything is well with you!  I’m guessing you’ve been busy decorating the house, developing new Christmas cocktails and making cookies 🙂

It definitely doesn’t feel like it’s December which is really bumming me out but I’m trying to not let it get my Christmas spirit down!  P is slightly less of a grinch this year so we’ve been able to listen to more Christmas music than usual.  I’m sure several glasses of homemade eggnog helped 🙂

Last week I decided to try this sweet potato polenta bake.  This recipe was appealing to me because it seemed fast and easy, I love sweet potatoes and I chronically have a lot of cornmeal on hand.  Totally random, I know.  So for this recipe I made polenta instead of using the prepared kind which added to the prep time.  I also added a touch of chipotle chili powder and used pepper jack cheese. But other than that I made it according to the recipe.  Oh except I used an 8×8 dish instead of 9×9.  I highly recommend a 9×9.


The Verdict: Not as pretty as her pics but definitely delicious! I think the biggest issues I had was using a dish that was a wee bit too small and also the layering.  It was really hard to spread the beans on top of the polenta and then on top of the shredded cheese.  I think next time I would change the layers so it’s polenta, sweet potato, beans, onions/peppers, cheese then back to sweet potatoes.  I also think a touch of chipotle It came out kind of soupy but was still really tasty.  A spork really would have been ideal for cutting the sweet potatoes and scooping up the sauce and polenta but we managed with a spoon.  Barely.  I also don’t believe that it serves 8 and given the calorie count/serving (218) I didn’t feel bad that it gave us 4 servings.  Again, I’d like to reinforce either using a 9×9 or making a bit more and putting it in a 13×9.  I’d call it a success though!

Hope you guys are having a great holiday season!  It was so great seeing you a couple weeks ago! I wish you guys lived closer but I love your home and I’m so excited for your Boston life!

Happy holiday cooking!

Love, Marissa


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