Unicorn Food

Dear Friend,

Or should I call you Mrs. Whetherbee, as the name plate reads on the front door of YOUR VERY OWN HOUSE!

It was so great to spend time with you guys this past weekend…I’m so excited for you and P for this new adventure of home ownership…you both have worked so hard to make it your own and beautiful and I can’t wait to see the changes that happen from here on out! I had so much fun celebrating you with the gang–the company was amazing as always, drinks and food were delicious and it was so nice to meet your VT friends!

The past few weeks I have been off track…like way off track…I eat whatever I want, whenever I want, pretend I’m drinking enough water when it’s actually wine in my glass and sneaking in extra bites because I’m definitely, 100%, no doubt about it hungry. And that’s the lie I tell myself.  Fact is, I’m bored, and thirsty for real water and otherwise not getting the nutrients I really need (i.e. Velveeta isn’t a substitute for a multivitamin). Velveeta…yah, it got that bad. Needless to say I needed some inspiration and vegetables.

I got my dose of “Maris-piration” this weekend, talking the little bit we did reset my thought process that food shouldn’t always be rushed and I’ve spent a lot more time in the kitchen this week. Part of my problem is that I come home and sit right down on the couch…and then I stay there until bedtime because there is a marathon  on of reruns of shows I’ve already seen before–I MIGHT MISS SOMETHING!

This dish is exactly what my body needed, and as the title of this post suggests, is exactly what Unicorns eat too. It’s magically nutritious and really just a delight for the eyes. Rainbow Power Salad is easy to make and that perfect balance of light and filling. And! I got to use my spiralizer 🙂


The Verdict: Oh my YUM! The Chickpeas took the longest amount of time, but if you had some pre-roasted this would maybe take 10-15 minutes to whip up. The Magic Green Sauce is so good. Lindsay talks about how good it is in her blog, and I half believed her, but it is delicious and I’d love to dip some tortilla chips in it, or add it to a wrap. Instead of all the carrots, I added beets–I’ve never really done anything with beets so figured it’d be an adventure and it was.


The beets were actually really sweet and added stunning color…even on my counters! I’d like to work on perfecting the roasted chickpeas. I know they make an excellent snack but there was some level of chewiness to them that I wasn’t expecting. Over all, I highly recommend this power salad when you need a boost of veggies!

It’s probably good I ate this tonight-tomorrow is bagel Friday at work and I can never say no. Also, tomorrow is the Halloween Bake Off. I’m making oreo ball eyeballs (at least that’s the plan). IF they come out well I’ll show you a picture on my next post! We’re off to a Celtics game Friday and a Halloween Party Saturday so it will be a very busy weekend! Enjoy yours and your trick-or-treaters!

Happy Eating!
Love, Kait



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