Two Veggies, Two Ways

Dear Friend,

I think it’s so great you guys are making your own cider! And I love the addition of pears! I’ve been very into pears this month.  It’s much less effort for me to eat a pear vs an apple which I find completely exhausting.  All those large bites, the chewing, the inability to set it down to do other things.  But pears! They’re so juicy and flavorful and take no time to eat! Much more my speed.

Last week P’s mom and brother were here and we put them to work doing the trim and some electrical stuff.  They were such troopers because it’s the best time of year to be in VT and we mostly held them hostage in our home.  But we had lots of fun and our place is starting to come together.  It’s funny, as soon as we get the house in some type of order we start another project and then the place is a disaster again.  Hopefully everything will come together by this weekend, otherwise people will have to watch where they’re stepping to avoid the random tools strewn about 🙂  You asked what my favorite thing about the house which is a really challenging question! I love so many things about it but most of all it’s just ours.  Our walls to do with what we want. Our yard for Toby to run around.  Our space where we can belt out Moulin Rouge tunes without Nosy Nancy judging us.  It’s also been really fun watching the transformation from what the house looked like previously to how different it can look with fresh paint and trim.  And we still have a long list of projects ahead of us!

On to the food! Today I have two recipes to share, both of which involve cauliflower and sweet potatoes.  I’ve made the soup twice now and the salad once, hopefully twice soon.  I had actually planned on making the salad a second time but then it was so cold and rainy that day so I went the soup route instead.  Each one is really easy to throw together and the other ingredients are things you probably already have in stock.

IMG_3121                         IMG_3132

The Soup Verdict– Well clearly I like it because I’ve made it twice 🙂  I made this on a Tuesday which is my craziest day.  It’s the day I rush home from work, chop up veggies, make the next morning’s smoothies, go to my fave workout class, come home, shower and finish dinner all hopefully by 7:15.  I decided to roast the veggies first because I think it always makes them more flavorful and I felt it would also cut down on the time it would take to soften them.  One time I roasted them with thyme and the other time I was feeling frisky and used Cajun seasoning.  Both times equally good.  After roasting them I think the veggies would have been nearly soft enough to blend just with broth but I threw them in the crockpot anyway to warm everything up more and so I could do other things.  Both times I came back and blended them about 2 hours later.  Maybe even one hour since it wasn’t a Tuesday.  Both times I happened to have cream cheese on hand but I think you could get away with using heavy cream and less milk.  I also didn’t have green onions on hand either time and I didn’t miss them.  I really loved that I didn’t have to chop up the garlic- you know how I feel about that job.  Overall, a winner in our house both on its own or with a grilled cheese or some garlic bread.  But everything is better with bread so you should probably just do that.

The Salad Verdict- Really loved this! I made this on an evening P was night flying.  I do these kinds of meals on those nights so he can’t object or try to throw in bacon or cheese.  Not that I don’t love bacon but sometimes, you just need to eat some veggies.  I roasted these with a hefty dash of salt and thyme.  Thyme is pretty much my favorite fall/winter spice with sage as a close second.   This was surprisingly flavorful and filling.  I love these kinds of dishes because you feel full but not stuffed and it makes you feel less bad about all the nachos and wings you’ve been eating (love football season).  I used pearl couscous as it was what I had the most of but next time I think I’m going to try farro.

Phew! October has been full of family, tasty food, colorful leaves and housework but it’s been so great.  I feel so lucky for all the fun things that have been keeping us so busy!

Until next time!



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