Back At It!

Dear Friend,

Whew! These past two weeks have been so crazy, exhausting and fun!  We’re starting to get somewhat settled in to the new house.  Our most essentials are unpacked (clothes and kitchen) but we have a long way to go.  Everywhere you look there are boxes, tape on the wall, trim samples, tools and safety glasses but it’s starting to come together!  We are just so happy to be back in Burlington and are loving the neighborhood!

This week P is night flying.  I have mixed feelings about these weeks.  I of course miss hanging out with him but I do get to chat with him for brief periods when he comes home and then when I leave for work.  One not so good thing is that I need to actually cook so that he has leftovers to eat.  One good thing is that I get to watch things like The Muppets.

This time of year is such a food conundrum for me.  On one hand, I’m so ready to dive into fall produce, soups and casseroles but on the other hand, the sun is shining and tomatoes are still bountiful.  This meal that I made tonight felt like a good transition between summer and fall veggies- stuffed sweet potatoes! Since I was exhausted by the time I sat down to eat this I totally forgot to take a picture so this is a pic of P’s lunch bowl.


The Verdict: So so easy and tasty! Sweet potatoes and black beans are a classic combo and I forgot that I used to frequently make sweet potato and black bean tacos.  This was pretty similar to that except without the tortilla (obviously) and the sweet potato is mashed vs cubed.  Oh and also you may notice that on the website she actually stuffs her sweet potatoes (hence the title of the recipe) however I removed the skin, mashed the sweet potato in a bowl and threw the black bean mixture on top.  I find that when I eat stuffed potatoes my fillings just fall out all over my plate and make a big mess so I decided that I would just create a controlled mess in a bowl.  But stuffed potatoes certainly look cuter.  I added a red pepper which was nice but I should have sautéed that first since they take a little longer to soften.  I think next time I might try not using oil in the pan so that the veggies get a little charred.  I didn’t have an avocado due to a miscommunication between P and I that resulted in us each cutting open an avocado, therefore leaving no avocado for tonight’s dinner (wah wah) however I think it would be a wonderful addition.  Oh and I used sour cream instead of plain yogurt because I need that yogurt for lunch tomorrow 🙂  Overall a success for a busy weeknight!

Hope you guys are doing well!  We would love to come visit soon!

Happy cooking!

Love, Marissa


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