But Oh, those summer nights!

Dear Friend,

It feels like it’s been forever since we last spoke! I’m so excited for all of your new adventures, and I’m so happy for you, P & the Tobster that the skondo is returning to a weekend and vacation home again! The past few weeks for us have been a bland routine. I’m on week 3 of the new job and I love it! It has been a transition on the home front, I’m so tired when I get home that I sit on the couch and that’s the end of my day, and then on weekends, I resent having to do all my chores so I put that off too…what a vicious cycle! But I’m hoping with the start of Autumn approaching, I can really kick into high gear establishing habits I’ve been, for one reason or another, put off…like working out, chores on a regular basis…or flossing?

I realized the other day I hadn’t posted recently, and then realized I wasn’t really getting creative. We’ve had a lot of grilled cheese and soups, and a lot of scrapped together meals that were high carb and cheese (and delicious) and not so much healthy. I have vegetables from family gardens  (zucchini from Dad’s garden, potatoes & carrots from Gram’s) and I wanted to do something with all of them to recharge my system with the good stuff and get back into the kitchen! I found this recipe for Summer Vegetable Stew which met all the requirements!


The Verdict: To use your words, nomnomnom! This stew is very light AND very filling…it seems like a big contradiction but that’s the best way to describe it. The zucchini, tomatoes and corn keep it light and fresh, and the potatoes give it some substance. We had a chunk of bread with it, and to be honest, it really didn’t need anything! I’d like to add a new segment today entitled: Because I don’t stick to recipes. Because I don’t stick to recipes, I used rosemary instead of sage (Nick’s idea, and a good one at that) and I used 2% milk instead of evaporated milk (didn’t feel like going to the store JUST for evaporated milk–this I think added to it being such a light dish). Otherwise, everything else is the same and I would HIGHLY recommend this one! Especially as the days get colder.

I’m so, so excited for fall, and the Sunday routine of football (read: crockpot meals, yummy appetizers and beer). I think we have some good meals lined up so I can’t wait to share those!

To answer your question from your last post, peeling garlic is rediculously sticky– the garlic skin gets stuck to your fingers and then it gets stuck to the garlic which defeats the purpose of peeling the garlic–ugh!  When my mom was a Pampered Chef consultant, I bought this garlic peeler, and when I have to use full cloves, it works beautifully to get the skin off, and to boot, it’s easy to clean! I’ll bring it up next month when we visit! My least favorite food prep task,  while I’m not currently eating meat, is cleaning chicken-THE WORST! blech…  I’ll cook meat for Nick , but if he wants all the fat, etc. off, he’s gotta do that part!

What’s your favorite foodie thing about fall?

Happy Cooking in the new kitchen!

Cheers & Love,
Kait ♥


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