Can’t stop spiralizing! 

Dear Friend,

I hope you’re loving the spiralizer as much as I am! Cranking that handle and watching the noodles pour out is so strangely satisfying. The one issue I have is that because it takes a lot of veggies to make enough for 4 servings, it’s hard to fit all those noodles into a bowl or pan. I try to gently stir everything but I end up with noodle bits and sauce everywhere and unfortunately Toby isn’t really interested in cleaning up veggies.  Meh. 

Last week you posted that awesome coconut curry sweet potato noodle recipe which I was thisclose to making myself and then at the last minute changed my mind and did this Cajun sweet potato noodle dish. I think I didn’t feel like buying coconut milk which in retrospect was a silly reason. As our skondo time is winding down we’re back in the “eat up what we have so we have less to move” mode. I did end up buying coconut milk this week though so maybe I’ll try your recipe next week! 

The Verdict: Holy moly! I don’t know why this dish tasted so amazing to me but I seriously could not get enough of it!! I feel like the fresh tomatoes and cilantro really complemented the Cajun seasoning in a way I wouldn’t have expected. I’m not even sure that’s what it was. I’m just throwing out fancy words like “complemented” so I can say something besides “nomnomnom.” When I was younger and my grandma made us a dinner that she  was proud of she would say “Well Ruth, you really outdid yourself on that one” and then of course we would all tell her how great it was. This was one of the few meals where I pulled a Ruth. I was almost afraid to share this recipe because I don’t want people to make it and wonder why I thought it was so wonderful but I just really love it! I skipped the mushrooms and doubled the zucchini because we were already having mushrooms a few days prior and I have a strict rule of eating mushrooms only once a month, tops. You could also easily swap tofu for the chicken but just make sure you season it with Cajun seasoning. I highly recommend Tony Chachere’s creole seasoning. Maybe I should link them and they’ll want to sponsor us 😉

Side note- what’s your least favorite food prep task? For me it’s peeling garlic. Hate it. So sticky and time consuming. I’ve tried the smashing trick but then I just end up with a pile of mush. Oh well. If you have a great tip please share!!

Hope you’re having a great first week at your new job!!

Love, Marissa


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