Sit down for this one!

Dear Friend,

In planning this post my mind has a few things to share with you so I’ll try to say all of them and keep this on the shorter side ^_^.

First of all, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I LOVE!!!!! my spiralizer. Monday turned into a fabulous day and it started out with a surprise package sitting on my porch (I don’t know why the delivery guy didn’t ring the doorbell). This kitchen gadget is so easy to use, easy to clean and I think I could put all my vegetables into spirals! I’m excited to try zoodles. Have you tried anything else? Secondly–I have a job! On Friday I knew I had one offer and another on the way. My anxiety was up all day Monday to have to pick and I finally did. I’ll be an administrative assistant for a company that develops and manufactures, among other things, quick tests for doctor’s offices (think flu, strep, pregnancy). It’s about 20 minutes away without traffic and hit every other one of my “criteria”. I think I start next week, I’m excited to be doing something more productive with my days, but I’ll enjoy my last few days as a stay-at-home person.

It’s been so hot here the last few weeks, and without A/C I’ve been feeling rather sluggish and our meals have really looked the same. After opening your gift, I scoured Pinterest for a recipe to really see what the spiralizer could do. I found a recipe for Coconut Curry with Sweet Potato Noodles. I think I started drooling right away so I knew this was the recipe.

The third thing I want to tell you, and the part you have to sit down for… I told Nick about the recipe, and described all the ingredients and he said, and I quote “you should grab some tofu to add to that too”. You read that right. Nick ASKED for tofu! And it was a great idea!

IMG_0688The Verdict: This is curry heaven in a dish. The flavors come together so deliciously and the texture is complex. I did add double the curry the recipe called for–because why not. The mango salsa that tops these vegetables gives this dish so much more depth and pairs nicely with the curry. And, because this little piggy likes her carbohydrates, I served it with a side of naan. I made it from a box mix, which worked out pretty good! The spiralizer was so fun to use and cut into that sweet potato like a champ! The downside, I turned my back to the cooking sweet potato and half of it burned to the bottom of the pan, so I didn’t get those long slurpy noodles you spoke so highly of. Next time….next time.

Now there are dishes to do. I may just soak them and leave that problem for future me. I hope you guys are doing well! Happy Cooking!



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