Game Changer!!!

Dear Friend,

I love how easy going you are in the kitchen! I need to loosen up a bit and trust my instincts because really, that’s what cooking is all about! It’s not so fun feeling tied to a recipe. My resolution is to be less rigid and stodgy more! 

In case you’re wondering, I’m not at work nor at the laundromat right now. I’m posting this using the WordPress app so if the formatting looks weird that’s why. It’s not because I had a glass of wine. 

Big geeky food news: I bought a spiralizer. Which autocorrect tried to change to spies loser hehe. Lately all my blogs have been blowing up with all sorts of veggie noodles. I finally caved and after some research, settled on a Paderno. 

Tonight was our first adventure with it! I decided to try this rainbow pad Thai. This recipe calls for zucchini, pepper, onion and carrots. I decided not to use carrots and instead substituted another half giant zuchinni. I can’t even describe the elation I felt spiralizing my first zucchini. I was practically giggling with delight. I’m sure if someone saw me they would have thought I was losing it.  Toby certainly looked concerned.  Maybe it’s just the food nerd in me but it was so fun and satisfying to watch those spirals tumbling down onto the cutting board. I’m obsessed. I reluctantly let P try a zucchini. Not sure he enjoyed it as much as me but he said it was cool and politely thanked me for sharing. 



The Verdict: Delish!!!!! I should first tell you that I cheated a bit by buying pad Thai sauce instead of making it. Mostly because I didn’t want to buy fish sauce. I did do some research and I think next time I can make it with some substitutions but I figured it we were eating a meal composed of mostly veggies, I was allowed to take a shortcut. Because we like things extra sauce (ie messy), I threw in an extra sauce I made with creamy peanut butter and sweet chili sauce. In the future I would cut the zoodles because they were really long and combined with the extra sauciness it was kind of a slurping disaster. Now this did not make four servings for us (I swear recipes never make what they say but again, could be us piglets) but it did make two heaping servings. Again, I use the excuse that it’s mostly veggies and therefore you can eat a lot. And cheat and buy pre-made sauce. Lots of excuses in this corner 🙂

I can’t wait to hear about your canning adventures with your mom! Hope you’re enjoying your summer!!!

Love, Marissa 


One thought on “Game Changer!!!

  1. Can hear the slurping now… Can’t wait to hear more about these zoodles ( love this) and I totally hear ya about being a food geek;) Do you have an apple peeler that spirals? I get giddy with it.


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