Dear Friend,

I love egg pie and I’m always looking for a way to improve my recipe. I think the amount of cheese you put in yours would be the bump up I need…my problem is that it usually overflows and then burns in my oven…I hate cleaning the oven. But goodness, is it worth it!

Before I go further, congrats on the first step of getting into a new home-getting out of your old one! I can’t wait to hear more about what you and P are finding! I can’t imagine how stressful the whole process is, but I’m positive this will be the summer you find your dream home!

The past few weeks have been a definite emotional roller coaster, a great learning experience and an even better bonding experience. After Grampa passed away, my mom, aunts and uncle spent a lot of time with Gram; it was amazing to spend so much time with them. Unfortunately, we all ate A LOT. Gram has some incredible friends that make VERY delicious food. That in itself was a learning experience. When it’s my turn to pay it forward for someone else, I’ll make yummy, healthy food. Cookies are delicious, but don’t make a very balanced lunch [when eaten every day (>_<)].

By the time I got home, I was itching to have something colorful and healthy. I was in search to use the food I had to put off going to the grocery store. So I made this Tortellini Pasta Salad!


The Verdict: This is so good and is similar in flavor to your Summer Salad. I added spinach to my recipe, and I didn’t add the cheese until the very end. I really like how quick this is to whip together. This might even be good with gnocchi, or with just plan pasta if you need something quick to go to a bar-b-que or to go with a side of chicken or sausage for a complete dinner. I served mine a little warmer than room temp. I’m not sure if cold would be the way to go–I’ll see today how the oils did in the refrigerator over night…I always hate how refrigerated oil looks the next day…not a reminder I need to see!

I’ve got to make a list for the grocery store…I’ve literally put it off as much as I could! Until next time, Happy Cooking!

Love, Kait


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