Quiche! Or Egg Pie?

Dear Friend,

Love eggs benedict! I’ve been so hesitant to try to poach my own eggs so kudos to you for being so successful! I also have an egg recipe to share this week that is so super easy and so versatile.

I’ve had this recipe saved for quite a while and had totally forgotten about it until I stumbled across it while desperately scrolling through my recipe bookmarks the other day.  It’s called corn and zucchini pie but it really seems more like a quiche.  Since corn and zucchini are both super cheap right now and it sounded so easy I thought now was the time to try it!

I used a mixture of Swiss and Mozzarella.  Have I told you lately how obsessed i’ve been with buying blocks of cheese and then grating it myself.  I used to always buy pre-shredded cheese but I have to say the blocks taste so much better! Especially Parmesan.  So tasty and worth the extra effort.  I also must recommend purchasing your blocks of cheese with clear packaging only.  I bought some Swiss that turned out to be super moldy.  Wah wah.  I returned it though because I was determined to have Swiss cheese in this dish. P was too embarrassed to stand with me at the customer service desk but it was totally worth it.  I’m sure I’m late to the game on freshly grated cheese but oh well 🙂


The Verdict: So easy and so yummy! Not that I expected anything less with that much cheese.  I feel like you could really use this as a base and then add whatever seasonal veggies you have on hand.  I do think it had a little too much butter in it which is totally shocking for me to say, I know.  This lasted us only 4 meals since we cut our pieces a little on the big side but you could totally stretch it if you’re not piggies like us or if you add something like garlic bread.  the corn and zucchini were a great combo but I definitely want to try this again with other veggies- like maybe spinach and roasted red peppers or tomatoes and basil.

Sorry this post is kind of short.  I’m writing this in between stirring risotto 🙂 Did I mention we’re moving next week? We don’t have a home yet though so we’ll be living at the ski condo (skondo for short).  Risotto is not an ideal dish to make when you have lots of packing to do but it is ideal when you have an absurd amount of arborio rice and frozen peas to use up.

Talk to you soon!



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