Eggs Benny

Dear Friend,

Your weekend sounded like it was so fun! I haven’t been camping in a very long time, but I do know that s’mores are a must. What a good idea to use cookies! I can’t wait to try it…I have marshmallows and chocolate, I’ll have to make up a batch of cookies soon!

Last week I was all around Vermont. I went to Jacksonville to visit  my grandparents for a few days, made a quick trip to surprise Emmy for her birthday and then the next morning headed to my parent’s for some R & R. Although I didn’t do half the things I planned on doing, it was a great week spending so much time with my family, and it was nice doing a few things to help out. I cleaned for Mom and mowed the lawn for Dad, BONUS! I only butchered a few areas!

On Sunday, I decided to make Dad breakfast. I picked one of my favorites and hoped it was one of his too. Luckily, it was. Normally I like looking at blogs for recipes, but I just googled “Eggs Benedict” and pulled up the first recipe that came up. I used this Eggs Benny recipe from Tyler Florence.  I kind of questioned myself in making it a couple times, I wanted to make sure the Hollandaise Sauce was done correctly so 1) we had enough and 2) we weren’t going to get sick from eating it. I’ve also never poached eggs, so it was a big adventure all around.


The Verdict: Big Risk, Big Reward! This was so good, and relatively easy all things considered! The Hollandaise Sauce was so tasty (thank you very much, stick of butter), but the reality is it’s so rich that you really don’t need a lot! Leunig’s has a rosemary hollandaise sauce for one of their benny’s that I might want to try…and I was also thinking curry…the possibilities are endless! The poached eggs are really easy to make too, as long as the water is hot enough. I made that mistake the first time so the egg kind of broke apart. Not good.

I made latticed bacon (if you’ve never done this, it may change your world!) and heated up some leftover ham for Dad’s, I sauteed some spinach and sliced an avacado for the rest of us. This meal got 8 thumbs way up from Mom, Dad, Emmy and I.

This post is making me hungry! Usually I eat before I write and today I didn’t.  Snack time! 🙂

Love, Kait

PS: I’ve made your summer salad every week in June…I really can’t get enough of it-thank you for sharing!!!


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