Finally Settled.

Dear Friend,

Your summer salad looks delicious! When we first got to Arlington, I picked up all the ingredients but never made it. I’m going to tomorrow night. My body is needing good, clean food and I think that is the perfect recipe to satisfy that craving! I haven’t posted in 3 weeks I realized, and I apologize. I also haven’t really cooked much in the past few weeks either–eating out is fun! until it’s all you are doing AND “healthy” at a restaurant isn’t the healthy I want to be. I really like knowing whats in my food…not so much the big ingredients, but the little ones, oil, butter, salt, etc. On top of all that, there’s been so much celebrating going on, my liver is in overdrive and deserves a break.

I was able to make a few “snacky” foods, though, that were healthy and I knew exactly what was in them-fresh, clean ingredients! I really loved both of these dip recipes and am excited to finally share them with you!

The first is a Mediterranean Layer Dip. As you know from previous recipes I’ve shared, I love dips and have my go-to’s. Mostly of the buffalo and taco variety. I wanted to do something different for the BBQ we had with the Mr’s family before the half marathon a few weeks ago. This dip is so easy to make and really, the only prepping that’s necessary is dicing up the tomatoes and artichokes.

0523151522a 0523151523r

The Verdict: so many delicious flavors that compliment each other soooo very well! I like that this dip doesn’t have the typical cream cheese base that a lot of my other favorites have…it’s very light and complex. I used fresh and sun-dried tomatoes and thought that was a good balance, I also added cukes and the artichokes which added to the texture of the whole dish. And the feta…don’t forget the feta-it adds such a nice saltiness that really works with the rest of the ingredients. I served this with pita chips which was heartier than your typical tortilla chip, and perfect for all the ingredients that are in here. I’d definitely make this dish again, and probably in a situation where I wouldn’t have to share ^_^.

The next recipe I want to share, I made just this last Thursday. Jackie and one-L came over for “themed dinner night”, where we pair some form of drink with delicious food. This week we did “Sangria and Salsa”. I made a Sweet Tea Sangria (that is officially my summer drink!) and this Tropical Fruit Salsa.


IMG_6836The Verdict: DEFINITELY MAKING THIS AGAIN. OH! MY! GOODNESS! I did swap in pineapple for the mango because I couldn’t find a mango that was ready. This recipe is extremely light and the perfect balance of sweet with a kick from the jalapeno. The color is so pretty too, I don’t think the picture could do it justice. I think I may experiment with this one as the summer roles on, different fruits or berries.  This even got a non-solicited compliment from the Mr.–when I get those, I know it’s a good recipe!

I’ll be going shopping again soon, I don’t know what I’m going to make this week, but I’m so very excited to be back here with you after that brief hiatus. I can’t wait for you and P to come visit! This apartment definitely feels more homey than our last apartment, but I’ll chalk that up to not living in a basement anymore. [Look at us moving up in the world!]

Can’t wait to see what you whip up next!

Love, Kait


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