The Cauliflower Chronicles

Dear Friend,

That buffalo dip sounds amazing. And certainly a little lighter than the one we devoured though I stand by that those were semi-good calories. I also have a couple cauliflower recipes to share this week!

The first is this cauliflower rice recipe.  Can I just point out that I love Pinch of Yum? I feel like I’m always reviewing her recipes.  This particular recipe is obviously available online but if you’re really digging cauliflower I highly recommend her cauliflower cookbook. So many creative recipes using a very basic cauliflower sauce. I actually used that cauliflower sauce to make an alfredo lasagna for my mom’s birthday a couple years ago.  She and Hannah’s parents had no idea it was a cauliflower based sauce so I call that a win. Anyhoo, back to the rice. I made this last weekend when my brother and his girlfriend came to visit. It was such a great weekend full of skiing, board games and a wine and girl scout cookie tasting.  I paired the rice with slow cooker short ribs, asparagus and homemade garlic bread. I wanted a meal that would be fairly easy to make after a day of skiing. Now I didn’t actually make the rice in entirety on Saturday. I had prepped the cauliflower sauce the night before, made the rice after skiing and then threw it all together.  It would not be an ideal post-skiing dish if I had to make it completely but I had the luxury of starting it the day before.  P thought this was the one of the best meals I’ve ever made though I think that was more due to the short ribs over the cauliflower rice.


*The cauliflower rice is the white blob on the plate, obvs.

The verdict: So good! It was so rich and creamy and I don’t think anyone would have even known it was loaded with cauliflower if I hadn’t told them.  It complemented the short ribs perfectly. It might be a stretch to eat this alone as an entree but maybe you could pair it with some tofu. Or if it was me by myself I’d hollow out a little hole and bake an egg in it because that’s just my thing lately. I even threw an egg on some pasta the other day. It’s out of control. But back to the rice, totally recommended!

Moving on, cauliflower in a much different way. Couscous. I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this recipe. Pinterest maybe? Doesn’t matter. I found it, made it, swooned over it.


The verdict: Another successful cauliflower recipe! I was actually surprised at how good it was.  I think I added more sundried tomatoes than it called for but I didn’t measure so I’m not sure exactly how much I put in.  Like half of a large jar.  I think it would be essential to have sundried tomato in each bite.  I wouldn’t say it was exactly the same texture as couscous but pretty close.  We had it with some salmon and it was such a light, delicious meal which was perfect for the awesome weather we had last week!  When I reheated it at work for lunch the next day two lovely ladies said it smelled really good so that’s some legit validation that it’s a tasty dish.  And I need to emphasis that it’s so easy to make.  I know you don’t have a food processor but I was thinking you could grate the cauliflower like you did for the buffalo dip.  And I don’t think P would have been able to tell it was cauliflower and not couscous but since he’s suspicious of everything I make he usually asks for the details of the ingredients so it’s hard to trick him.  Does your hubby do that to you too?

This was a great side dish to the salmon but I think it would work with burgers (meat or veggie) or maybe some lemon chicken (I did a lemon-thyme marinade for my salmon).  I also ate it for lunch but needed to supplement it with some cottage cheese.  I’ve been strangely obsessed with cottage cheese lately too.  Just with some salt and pepper.  Cottage cheese and eggs.  I don’t think I could be vegan.  Wah-wah.

I hope you had a great weekend!  Since this week is going to be kind of rainy I’m going to be serving up some comfort food 🙂 Tonight is enchiladas (this is P’s token meat night) and then I’m trying some new recipes, one of which is a meatless burger (btdub are you eating seafood?) and the other involving polenta- I’ll let you know how they turn out!

Love, Marissa


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