Filling the Gap

Dear Friend,

I’ve missed you! I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. I feel like so much has been going on lately, but when I sit down to think back on it, I can’t remember what we did, with one exception. ALSO! I am officially 3 weeks without eating meat. I decided to cut it out of my diet for health reasons and with one exception, I haven’t missed it!

Those two exceptions line up here: on Monday 4/6 the Mister finally presented his thesis work to his committee! Our parents and I got to sit in on this presentation and let me tell you, he did so good! It was great to see all the hard work that he has put in to his research over the past 5 years and to gain a better understanding of why he spent all those late nights and weird weekend hours in the lab. After his presentation, we came back to the apartment to celebrate with beers and BBQ. But I ask, what’s a celebration with out Buffalo Dip? Not as delicious is the correct answer.

You and I had made this buffalo dip (with real shredded cheese), and normally I enjoy a traditional Buffalo Chicken Dip. But I stupidly looked up the calorie count of the vegan dip and decided a more classic version is worth the calories. So I set out in search of a recipe to make a meatless yet traditional dip. I found this recipe for Buffalo Cauliflower Dip and decided this was the recipe I was going to try.

The Verdict: 


Clearly, I didn’t like it ^_^. I didn’t look at the calorie count, but really I don’t care. This dip is much lighter than a normal cream cheese dip thanks to the greek yogurt. Instead of adding in Ranch dressing, only the spices of ranch dressing are added which cuts down the fat. The cauliflower gives it a nice texture that is very similar to a traditional buffalo dip, at least in my opinion. Even my mom liked it!

I think next week I’m going to try this recipe called “Mac and Cheese to live for” from Mind, Body, Green. I also can’t wait to try your Potato Lentil Pot, it looks like a stew almost which would be perfect for a chilly spring night! I’m always wanting to add potato into my diet but I always feel like they take so long to cook.

Anywhosie, I won’t take so long to write next time. I hope all is well and I can’t wait to see what you cook up next!

Love, Kait


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