Dear Friend,

So glad you loved the sweet potato chickpea burgers! And I’m so happy your hubby enjoyed them as well.  Love the idea of changing it to a buffalo or curry burger- you’ll have to let me know how it goes!  And I’m so excited for your vegetarian adventure! Now that P is back I think I’m going to have to start incorporating meat into dinner at least once a week but thankfully he’ll eat pretty much anything I put in front of him so I’m not too worried.  I do hope he learns to love a fried egg on avocado toast with a baked sweet potato as much as I do.  We’ll know by the end of this week 🙂

Those margaritas sound tasty and perfect for Cinco de Mayo…or a Tuesday night.  Maybe a margarita would help me understand this X-Men movie that we’re watching right now.  I was lost within the first five minutes.

This past week has been kind of crazy so the recipe I’m sharing with you is what I made last Sunday and ate for lunch all last week.  You know I love me some lentils and when P is out of town they’re one of my go to meals- they’re super easy, crazy cheap and full of nutrition.  And you can do anything with them! Burgers, sloppy joes, curries, salads, soups and stews, etc.  The possibilities are nearly endless.

I took a picture of the pot but I’m writing this post on the laptop and I can’t for the life of me get the picture from my phone on to the laptop.  One would think with the fancy pants cloud that I could just access everything anywhere but nooooo.  Then I tried emailing it to myself but apparently I changed my password since I last logged into my email from this computer and I can’t remember it.  Which is strange because I have like, 3 variations of the same password I use for everything.  Whatevs.

Ok back to the potato lentil pot.

The verdict: I was super excited because it sounded so nutritious and so easy-lentils, potatoes, spinach…what more could a girl want?  Bacon, that’s what.  Now the recipe calls for using bacon grease to saute the veggies in but as you know I haven’t really cooked meat in the past 10 weeks and it didn’t seem worth it to me for this recipe so I skipped it.  I was grossly mistaken.  Very rarely do I think that meat would contribute much to a dish but this is one where I really think some bacon would be delightful.  And I wouldn’t stop at using just bacon grease for sautéing.  Noooo I would sprinkle tiny scrumptious bacon bits throughout.  When I spoke to my friend Kristie at work (she had actually made this before me) and told her my feelings on bacon she told me that she did use the recommended bacon grease and that it really “upped the ante.”  So there you have it.  The other issue I had when making this was that I diced my potatoes a wee bit too small so searching for those little guys in order to smash them against the pot was somewhat challenging/annoying.  Plus when I would find one and capture it under my wooden spoon it would slip away while I was trying to crush it into creamy goodness.  Anyhoo, not my fave though I’d give it another try with some bacon.

Hope you’re having a good week!

Love, Marissa


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