Tasty Tofu

Dear Friend,

I have also totally been struggling with craving bad food lately! I feel like I eat fairly well for most of the day but after dinner I can take down my weight in desserts. I’m hoping to find some healthier alternatives but I also don’t want to become too crazy over eating healthy. Life is about balance and I like to follow the 80-20 rule. If I eat well 80% of the day I can eat not so well 20% of the day. So don’t beat yourself up!

Those granola bars look great! Way better than the ones we tried to make here with the leftover almond pulp haha. I have just recently heard of puffed quinoa- I think I saw it in a dessert recipe actually. Did you make your own puffed quinoa or buy it?

Way back in December I stumbled upon this sofritas bowl recipe which I had book-marked and then forgot about. Then when I was in NY recently my mom and I went to Chipotle for lunch and I got their sofritas salad bowl (which is what inspired the above recipe). Holy cow it was amazing!! Even my mom liked it and you know how picky of an eater she can be (sorry mom!)  I’ll be going to Chipotle much more often which I think will make P happy. When we were getting ready to move in to our condo a Chipotle opened up right across the street from his apartment. I thought for sure he was going to call the whole thing off.  Luckily he chose me over the burritos.

The verdict: So good and fairly easy to make! It was pretty spicy but I like spicy so I thought it was great! I think if you’re not really into spicy food you could cut back the chipotle peppers.  I ended up using one can of diced green chilies instead of roasting the poblano pepper because they were out of poblano peppers and I took that as a sign I shouldn’t bother with that after my annoying travel day back from Vegas. I also only used 8 ounces of tofu because I didn’t read the ingredients list thoroughly. It was fine but I think it would be better with the 16 ounces. The texture of the tofu in this is so different than any other tofu I’ve had. It’s like ground meat.  I think I’m going to make this for P but maybe not tell him what it is (P if you’re reading this I’ll totally throw some meat in it…wink). I ate this for lunch all week and found that it was the perfect combo of carbs, protein and fat to keep me full for the afternoon and fuel me for my workouts.  Like vacuuming.

Hope you had a good week! I look forward to hearing about your solo gal meals while your hubby has been out of town. Lately I’ve been obsessed with baked sweet potatoes, usually topped with creole seasoning and/or nutritional yeast. Paired with it I’ve been doing mostly avocado toast with a fried egg on top or some scrambled eggs. I’ve never really been an egg person for breakfast so I don’t know where this eggs-for-dinner breakfast thing has been coming from. Well actually I do know- laziness.

Talk to you soon!



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