Lazy Mornings

Dear Friend,

I’m glad you’re feeling better in time for your trip this weekend! I can’t wait to hear how Vegas was! I’m going to make those Chickpea Sweet Potato burgers next weekend with my Mom! And maybe for dessert, those delicious look avacado chocolate truffles. ^_^

I don’t know what has gotten into me but I have not been eating like I should be. I have good breakfasts (including green shakes!), lunches have been OK, but by the time I get home I eat everything that’s open and ready to eat. And I eat ALL OF IT. I have healthy foods but all I want is the bad stuff. I think I need to focus on the protein so my new adventure will be looking for protein…I think I just don’t get full from my meals, but at work I’m busy so I don’t notice it.  I think in all of this too, I’ve just felt unmotivated and lazy.

I decided to try granola bars as a quick go to breakfast in favor of laziness. I love granola bars in the morning because they are so easy. Plus, I’m not usually hungry first thing in the morning and granola bars are not complicated to eat at work. I made these Puffed Quinoa Oat Bars last week.


The Verdict: They’re pretty OK! I love that they are all whole food ingredients and you can mix up the ingredients that are added in. For my first batch I only added almonds, but definitely would love to add in coconut or dark chocolate chips. My only thought is that next time, I’m going to add in a half cup of peanut butter. I found that the banana did an OK job at holding everything together and needs just a little boost! And I love peanut butter so it’ll be a win-win. The calories will go up but for less than 250 calories per bar and almost 9 grams of protein, the new addition will be sure to keep me fuller longer and still eating clean!

I’m going to write out my meals list for the week…hopefully that will help me stay on track. The hubby is officially in Colorado for the next few days so I’m just feeding myself and can eat the way I want to! I hope you have safe travels back home!

Talk to you soon,

Love, Kait


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