Back to real food!

Well I’m finally back to eating normal food after a few days with the stomach bug. It was not pretty. I survived on miso soup and saltine crackers. Definitely nothing to write about.  But today I was finally feeling 100% myself and ate everything I normally would. Including a few too many mini chocolate peanut butter cups. Like I said, back to myself!

This feels kind of like cheating because the recipe I’m going to share I actually made a couple weeks ago.  Because I didn’t do any food prep on Sunday, pulling these burgers out of the freezer was a life saver for me tonight.  These were fairly easy to make but they did take some time. And a food processor. Maybe you could do it in a powerful blender. Depends on how adventurous you’re feeling. I pretty much followed the recipe exactly (like I do because you know I’m not brave or creative) except I think I omitted the onion. After I formed the patties I put them all on a baking sheet in the freezer, froze their little bean and potato hearts out and then threw them in a ziplock bag. The verdict: Delicious! I love their texture and flavor but I think I could have added a little more Cajun seasoning. The first night I topped it with some avocado which was tasty but tonight it was just straight bun, burger and chipotle aioli. I think a tomato would be a nice addition too it but it was fine without any extra toppings. I even resisted the urge to add cheese and I didn’t miss it! Progress! I normally have terrible luck cooking bean or grain burgers.  They always fall apart when I try to flip them over but freezing them first really helped keep them together (thank you Chelsea for that wonderful tip).

This is the from the first night I made it. The light made that sauce on that bun look funny eh? This is the night I paired it with chips 🙂

This is from tonight. I classed it up with some veggies from the freezer (sense a theme here?) that I topped with nutritional yeast- thanks for convincing me it wasn’t as bizarre as it sounds!

I made Hannah that buffalo dip you brought when you came to visit. It was so easy and we chowed down on it after a serious snowshoe.  I feel that you can eat half the dish because it’s beans and nuts, right? However I tried making the buffalo sauce recipe you shared last week for the dip. I was totally unsuccessful!!  I used rice vinegar and followed the directions (duh) for the oil and cornstarch proportions.  I have no idea where I went wrong but it separated in a weird way. So I used Franks for the dip. But I’m going to try it again! Buffalo sauce is my BFF and I won’t give up on it! 

It’s past my bedtime! Hope you’re having a good week!

Love, Marissa 


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