For the love of Buffalo!

Dear Friend,

It feels like forever since I’ve posted but it’s only been a week! The avacado truffles you made this weekend look amazing–truffles are one of my most favorite sweet treats. I’m definitely going to get the stuff this weekend when I grocery shop. I also found dark chocolate chips (65% cacao) at the co-op I will use that will be perfect!

Tonight I was craving buffalo, buffalo something. I had bought tempeh last week and decided that was going to be my canvas. I knew I had Frank’s buffalo sauce in the fridge but making my own is something I’ve wanted to try for a while now, so I did! I found this recipe from Domestic Fits for Homemade Buffalo sauce



This recipe was SO easy to make and made with ingredients that I already have in my cupboards…I did use Apple Cider Vinegar where she uses Rice Wine Vinegar and it absolutely needs to be thinned out. I used water for that and I probably could have thinned it out a little more. The verdict: not bad! It has a sweeter taste like a BBQ sauce but packs some heat at the end! The sweetness could be because I didn’t really measure the honey and it could have been from the ACV. The color does not look like what you’d buy in a store, but I kind of like that aspect-it’s not fluorescent and made with whole, clean foods! I will keep working on the buffalo sauce though, it doesn’t have the exact flavor I was looking for but I love how simple the recipe is!

For dinner, I cooked my my tempeh in a little bit of my buffalo sauce and made a wrap with chopped spinach, tomatoes and mozzarella.


I had the Buffalo Tempeh wrap with a side of cukes and a ranch sauce I made with greek yogurt, unsweetened almond milk, parsley, chives and garlic powder-the flavor was strong but went well with the buffalo sauce.

Happy Eating! I can’t wait to see what you create next!

Love, Kait

PS: I tried cucumber in my green smoothie this morning-I liked it! It did thin my smoothie out a bit but also lightened it up too. I want to try adding different vegetables to my smoothies, any suggestions?



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