Mmmm chocolate

Dear Friend,

I succumed to a major weakness of mine this week- Cadbury mini eggs. They are seriously crack.  Thankfully, I don’t know exactly what crack is like and I imagine this is somewhat of an exaggeration. But still.  This year I found a dark chocolate version which I think is just as good, if not better (gasp), as the original.  It also helped me justify eating nearly half a bag in one sitting. Woops.

Last year P and I gave up dessert for Lent. It was a struggle but I managed. I considered doing it again this year but that lasted one day. One flipping day. It’s a lot harder without having P’s support. So then I thought, if I’m going to be eating sweets I may as well make them somewhat healthy and with minimal added sugars.

I found this recipe for dark chocolate avocado truffles.   I was a little skeptical but since I had all the ingredients on hand I thought I’d go for it. Oh me gee I’m glad I did! They were amazing! So creamy and chocolately and you would never know there was avocados in them. They are so rich that I could almost eat just one. Almost. And I didn’t even roll them in the cocoa powder. How’s that for self control?? In fact, next time I think I may add a tiny bit more avocado (like maybe a half a one) OR do a tiny bit less dark chocolate  (like 3/4 dark chocolate and 1/4 unsweetened chocolate or just using a a bar with a higher cocoa percentage).  They definitely didn’t look like as cute as hers did.  Since I was just making them for my lonesome self I didn’t care that they looked like something you would find in a field full of cows.  I just couldn’t get mine to roll in little balls even though I kept them in the fridge for longer than recommended. And I think if I had dusted them with cocoa powder or coconut flakes they would have looked a little better.  Oh well.  I took a picture but you probably wouldn’t make them based on my that 🙂

I will still always have a weakness for mini eggs though.

Hope you had a great weekend!!!

Love, Marissa


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