What a great weekend!

Dear Friend,

It was so great having you around this weekend!! Loved catching up, watching/napping during cooking shows, drinking some wine, wearing crazy hats, chowing down on that tasty almost-vegan buffalo dip and of course- coming up with the blog!

I spent the afternoon prepping some food for this week while snacking on your amazing granola! So tasty!

Tonight I tried an egg over some spicy lentils ( http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-spiced-lentils-baked-egg-14389).  It’s certainly nothing pretty to look at- especially when you don’t have cute ramekins (yet).  I added a pinch of cayenne and subbed green lentils for the yellow split peas- the last thing my cabinets need are another grain or bean. The lentils are kind of  mushy but I thought the texture of the egg really helped.  I definitely think I’ll make it again! It was tasty, easy and full of fiber and protein. It definitely feels more like a lady meal to me so it might better to try while your hubby is at the conference.


Hope you have a good week and thanks again for coming to visit me and Toby!!

Love, Marissa


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